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In my interdisciplinary practice I explore the notion that the inner world  reveals much of the outside that shapes and conditions us. The personal inevitably leads us to the political: to understanding the forces outside ourselves that manipulate us into being. My art is an evolving response to the world around me. My work is broadly concerned with what defines the contemporary condition: the subjectivity of truth, the globalisation of desire, the erasure of individuality in the face of capitalism. My process usually begins with a specific material - I work in sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, photography and video, depending on the appropriate form to give shape to my ideas; the outcome is always a result of deep research and experimentation into my materials, and is inspired by their aesthetic, as well as their cultural cache and status, and my own changing relationship to these things. At the core of my work is often a sense of ambivalence, and a collision of brutality and beauty. This is informed in part by my background working as a fashion designer for more than a decade.For me, as Brecht put it, "art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.” 

Alessia De Pasquale is an interdisciplinary artist and independent creative director based between London and Athens. An MA graduate of Central St Martins, De Pasquale was previously an in-house menswear designer at renowned British fashion houses Paul Smith, Burberry and Aquascutum. In 2015 she established her own independent art projects, exploring experimental design and alternative artistic dialogues, working with established artists and designers on diverse projects and exhibitions. Alongside her art projects she lectures at Marangoni Institute of fashion design in London.


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