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Domestically Dysfunctional

“To enjoy freedom we have of course to control ourselves", Virginia Woolf wrote presciently in A Room of One's Own. We find ourselves forced to consider the meaning of 'home'; to contemplate the ambivalence of the closed private space, both comforting and claustrophobic. Post pandemic home has a strange new resonance, no longer a simple place of refuge but walls that curtail our freedom, that confronts us with our innermost secrets, sides of ourselves we escape in the outside world. How can we reacquaint ourself in this environment, to find a form in order to function? The foundations of our house might be stable but we are vulnerable, shapeless; readjusting to a life that faces inwards, with nowhere to go and no-one to impress. Is this the beginning of a fresh start, or the beginning of the end? What happens next? Our values are rapidly shifting and adapting to this new way of being, and creativity - the ability to produce beauty from pain? - might be the healing balm we need more than ever.

Photographed by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

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